By Dr. Holly

Dr. Holly
Dr. Holly

You have probably heard how we have created over 90,000 toxic synthetic chemicals since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Yet, our bodies were not designed to metabolize, utilize or even eliminate these chemicals.
Where do we find them? In the air we breathe; the water we drink; the foods we eat; the hygiene products we use and wear; the cleaning products we use; and the materials we wear and sleep in. We are surrounded with these toxins.
Now, our bodies are designed to eliminate some toxins, those created by our bodies or found in the environment naturally. The problem is that we don’t even feed our bodies the nutrients, our bodies require, in order to eliminate the natural toxins we create. Why not? The nutrients are not in our foods anymore. So how can our bodies possibly eliminate all these knew toxins?
That is why health food companies and MLM companies promote detox products. But if we eat effectively, we can provide our bodies with the nutrients our bodies need to work effectively to remove many of the toxins.
In effect, all organic, non GMO foods can be said to help promote detoxification, because they all provide the bodies with nutrients. But if we look at specific foods, we want to include the following. Although we have to note, that these are only a few of the foods noted for detoxification…there are many others:
detox foodArtichokes are traditionally known for their capacity to increase bile production and thereby improve digestion. They protect the liver from toxicity and provide natural diuretic components. In addition to minerals like: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium; they also contain vitamins like: the B Vitamins, C and K. But they are also rich in a compounds called cynarin, silymarin, beta carotene, quercetin, lutein, rutin, gallic acid and fiber. Thus, they can protect the body from many toxins.
Asparagus is a great food for a number of different issues, including the health of the kidneys. They also help the liver to drain out the toxins. They are loaded in Vitamins A & K, but also Bs like B9 & Choline, as well as, phytonutrients like various saponins and inulin. They have a very high respiration rate
Beets are a great detox food, not only because their fibers help to transit toxins out of the body, but because they are rich in a phytonutrient called betalaines. While there are 76 different types of betalaines, the six types found in beets are the most powerful. They provide anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxification support.
Studies indicate that both broccoli and broccoli seeds are incredibly healing. Broccoli contains sulfur, an essential mineral that helps the body get rid of toxins from the body. Broccoli also has fiber; vitamins like B2, B5, B9, C, E & K; minerals like chromium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, and potassium; phytonutrients like kaempferol, glucoraphanin. It lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. It has been used in treating high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and bacteria-related infections. In addition, the fibers help stool transit the toxins out.
Cabbage is a phenomenal food for detoxing for a number of reasons. One, it is a great food for a broad spectrum of microbiota. Second, it provides the necessary transport for the bacteria to get through the stomach and the small intestine to their desired locations. Thirdly, it provides the nutrients to feed the bacteria and provide them with the means to give us the nutrients we need. The microbiota works synergistically with the immune system, helping the intestines get rid of what they to get rid of AND protect us in the process.
Comes from the gourd family. Originated in South Asia, and has 3 main varieties: slicing, pickling and burpless. They are rich in Vitamins: Bs, C & K, along with antioxidants, lignans and polyphenols.
Garlic has been used medicinally for centuries perhaps because it contains high amounts of vitamin C (supports both immune and liver function). It also has anti-oxidant compounds that help flush out toxins from the blood stream – which is why it can help blood pressure. There are various healing compounds.
This fruit not only reduces cholesterol levels, promotes digestion and prevents kidney stones. But they also increase the P450 factors, which metabolize both toxic and non-toxic chemicals, in the liver which helps detoxification. Other citrus fruits also contain Vitamin C which can be very useful in detoxification, however, note, that maybe citrus fruits no longer have high levels of Vitamin C due to nutrient depleted soils.
Kale is an interesting plant whose fibers do a great job of binding with bile acids in your digestive tract. In addition, kale has isothiocyanates and 45 different flavonoids which are very helpful in detoxing. In addition, it can help lower ineffective cholesterols; and is both an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory.
Lentils have a high fiber content that will help in elimination of toxins. In addition, they also help to lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugars.
Mung beans:
The medicinal detox use these legumes date back thousands of years by Ayurvedic doctors. They are easily digestible and help to transport toxic residue out of the digestive tract.
Nuts: Almonds & Walnuts:
They are rich in the Omega 3 fatty acids that are essential in flushing out toxins from the body.
Red bell pepper:
Red bell peppers are loaded with vitamins C, E and selenium. Vitamin C helps to breakdown toxic substances into digestible material. Each red pepper has more vitamin C content than from 3 oranges.
Seeds: Flax, Hemp, Sunflower & other seeds:
These seeds are rich in vitamin E and selenium and Omega 3s. In addition to increasing the liver’s ability to eliminate toxins, they also prevent cholesterol build up in the circulatory system. Hemp also has all of the amino acids that provide the basis for all of the 10,000 enzymes in the body – many of which are necessary for detoxification. Organic forms are the best because they are rich in fat and oil that easily soak up toxic chemicals found in processed foods.
Turmeric is well researched and has numerous healing capacities from anti-inflammatory to anti-oxidant to anti-tumor to increasing neurotrophic factor and so on. It promotes digestion and addresses conditions like jaundice, menstrual problems, bloody urine, chest pain and colic.
Turnip Greens:
Greens are rich in antioxidants and sulfur, which help fight environmental toxins and heavy metals from the body. They also contain phytonutrients that activate and regulate actions of detoxifying enzymes.
Watercress has antioxidant properties that fight free radicals from the cells and boosts cleansing enzymes in the liver. They are also a natural diuretic
Whole grains:
Unfortunately a lot of grains are now GMO and/or sprayed with Roundup providing us with biophyphosphates – which are incredibly detrimental to our gut and microbiota. Further, chloride bleach is used to bleach grains which destroy the Beta Langerhan cells – the cells that produce insulin in the pancreas. Consequently, grains can be detrimental in and of themselves. However, good clean grains are rich in both soluble and non-soluble fibers. The soluble are great for modulating blood glucose uptake and the non-soluble are great to support the microbiota in the gut and regulate the stool transit – which help to move toxins out of the body. Their rinds/coatings are rich in minerals that help in detoxification.

Here’s to your health!
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