WEEKLY HOROSCOPE (29-12-2019 – 04-01-2020)



    Starting this week, the stars seem to be in your favor and therefore, you will be able to achieve your targets. For those looking to switch their jobs or awaiting their promotion, there are higher chances of good opportunities coming your way this week. This is not the right time to pursue higher education or a new course. Currently, you are surrounded by distractions and are not in a position to concentrate. If you have just met someone, they may start liking you too and you will both will spend some quality time together. The later half of this week is a great time to plan a date. This week, you are all fired up and raring to go with new energy. You may even convince yourself to go to the gym or take up a membership. In all, your career growth is unshakable but additional responsibilities coming your way strain can put a strain on your health.


    This week, stay patient as your love life is be joyous but it will have its sad moments too. While you may not notice any issues or differences in the beginning, problems will crop up now and then between your partner and you. In terms of finance, you will have a better inflow of cash this week. However, you may have to keep a tab on your expenditure. In terms of your career, this week will be incredible hectic for you. Even with the hectic work front, you will be energetic as you complete your pending tasks through the week. If you are in sales and marketing, this phase is really good for you. This week will be favourable for students. You are likely to do well in your assignments and tests. As for your health and well-being, you are advised to stay cautious as you may suffer from minor ailments.


    In terms of love and relationships, this week will prove favourable for you. You will get to enjoy special moments with your beloved. Towards the weekend, you could even try to surprise your loved one. In terms of your finance, you are likely to receive a bonus of sorts. However, you are advised to also watch your expenses. In terms of your career, you are likely to go on a work related trip and do well in meetings. Your superiors will be highly impressed by your work abilities. For students, this week will be ideal. You will be able to concentrate on your education and score good marks in return. In terms of your health and well-being, you are likely to be stressed because of a hectic work schedule.You are advised to take it easy and not over burden yourself with tasks.


    This week for Cancerians will be a mixed bag. In terms of love and relationships, you are likely to have a great time. However, minor disagreements cannot be ruled out. Also, try to not impose your views on your partner as this will cause issues between you two. Stay calm and resolve things peacefully. In terms of finances, you are advised to not make any financial decisions in this phase. It would also help to be careful, or you could face financial loss. If you are into your family business, there will be expansion, and you will do well, assures Ganesha. As for professionals, if you are looking to switch jobs, you are likely to get offers by the end of the week. For students who are planning to go abroad, you will get admission into your desired colleges and universities.


    In terms of your love and relationships, this week might be tricky to deal with. You are advised to give some space to your partner when need be. Also, you must refrain from being overly demanding or clingly. Even when dealing with older family members, try to stay calm and not lose your temper. As for your finances, you are advised to not indulge in any risky deals as you are more than likely to lose your money. It would also help to make long term financial plans to secure your future and that of your loved ones. In terms of your career, it would be best if you avoided getting into any sort of altercations with your superiors or peers at work. Doing so is likely to hamper your future in the organisation. For students, this week could be a little taxing. You are advised to not let yourself stray from your goals. Given a hectic work schedule, you are likely to get stressed and fall ill. It would help to take some time off in order to relax and recuperate.


    This week for Virgos is likely to be eventful. In terms of relationships, this week may be tricky. You and your partner may have disagreements. However, you are advised to deal with such situations with maturity and to focus on the bright side. As for finances, there will be child-related expenses like their education and other requirements. You may have to borrow money from someone. Professionals are in for a favourable week. However, it would be best to not indulge in any gossip or negativity as it will hamper your growth. Students will find the week working in their favour as well. You will get good support from your classmates and your mentors. As for health, it would be best to take due care of yourself in every way. It is essential to maintain good health in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically.


    Librans are in for a week full of ups and downs. In terms of relationships, you will be seen making efforts to please your beloved. You could try going on a long drive or to the movies. As for finances, this week will prove fruitful for you, assures Ganesha. However, it would be wise to keep a watch on your expenditure. For the professionals, the week may stress you out with the amount of work you may have to do in the office. You are advised to make full use of the coming weekend to de-stress and charge your batteries. Even for students, this week may be tricky. You will be required to work extra hard to get the desired results. Health-wise, too, you are likely to take a hit given the busy work schedule. Ganesha advises you to take due care of your health.


    This is a good time for you to progress and explore new opportunities. Promotion and a raise in salary might be on the cards. Continue to hard work and put in your best efforts. A good time for students. You will get good results in your examinations. Avoid any kind of distraction, but do not ignore extra-curricular activities. Stay focused on academic goals. Be prepared for both highs and lows in finances. Your income will be good, but you need to ensure you do not overspend on unnecessary things. Start saving now for your future. It is a good time for your partner and you. You both are in love and will spend quality time together. For unmarried couples, marriage is on the cards now. Plan a vacation with your beloved. Do not take good health for granted. Stay active and practice yoga or meditation. Eat healthy food and avoid any health risks. Do not ignore even the smallest of health issues.


    This week is going to bring in a lot of good vibes and knowledge. Relationship-wise, this phase will be ideal for getting married to your beloved. Respect your partner and trust them. Married couples are advised to go on a trip. In terms of your career, take complete responsibility for your work and complete your tasks with sincerity. Take challenges in your stride. As for students, you are advised not to slack or lose sight of your academic goals. Participate in a group study or study groups as these will benefit you. For finance, seek expert advice for investments. Avoid major investments in this phase. Balance your income and expenditure. As for your well-being, pay attention to your health. Meditate, practise yoga and go for walks. Take up a hobby.


    You can expect good results on the career front. But you need to stay focused and work harder. Do not sign any new document without carefully reading it. Also, avoid trusting anyone blindly. Stay focused and you will achieve success in your academic endeavours. Avoid distractions and delays. Seek help from mentors and parents. Stay very alert where money is concerned. Focus on financial planning and savings. Look at things objectively. There is harmony in your relationships. But do not spew venom in anger as it may hurt your partner. Plan a vacation.Keep a check on your food intake. Try and maintain a balance between your personal and professional life.


    Career-wise, this is an average time for you on the career front. Opportunities will come your way but they will be slow to arrive. Keep working hard and do not minimise on your efforts. As for education, engineering students or students who belong to other technical streams will face some delay and other problems. Participating in group studies or discussions will be beneficial for students. In terms of your finance, It is a great time to make investments for long term financial goals. In this way, you can save as well as spend money on yourself. Health-wise, you will enjoy a good health spell this week. But avoid aggression or any situation that cause you anxiety. Anger and frustration will only lead to further health troubles. As for your personal life, the both of you will enjoy a harmonious relationship. But to maintain this happy time you will have to keep up your efforts to make your spouse feel appreciated and loved. Therefore, it is best you avoid conflicts tha can create problems in life.


    In terms of career, this is a good time for your career. Work harder and put in more efforts to ensure all your tasks are completed in time. As for education, stay focused and determined to excel in your academics. Do not give in to distractions or be lazy. Refocus and re-think your academic approach to get better results. Finance-wise, be prepared to deal with profits and losses this week. Keep a close eye on your monetary matters so that you may save more. Take a keen interested in financial matters. As for your relationships, avoid heated discussions and think before you speak or get into any arguments with your partner. Spend quality time together. Plan a quick vacation to rejuvenate your relationship. As for your health, do not take any risks with your health. Try and relax more often. Eat well and try to sleep on time. Practice yoga and meditation for better health.