Volunteers, citizens and police officers honoured at Delta Police 2019 Awards Ceremony

    Chief Constable Commendations – A/ Sgt John Jasmins and Cst Paul Gibson with Chief Neil Dubord

    From safely stopping a sudden knife attack in a retirement home, to preventing a suicidal female from jumping off a bridge, to removing a teen girl from a prostitution ring, Delta Police officers were recognized yesterday evening for their exception work in the community over the past year.

    “Our officers never know what might happen when they answer a call for help from the public,” says Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord. “I’m very proud to lead such an incredible group of people who regularly go above and beyond, sometimes putting themselves in harm’s way, as demonstrated in these awards.

    Volunteers and citizens were also recognized during the evening, including a Victim Services volunteer who’s donated a stunning 5,200 hours to the program over a 20-year volunteer career. Additionally the efforts of two men who took action in two different violent stabbing incidents were honoured.

    “One citizen stepped up to help a woman in urgent need, rendering vital aid, while the other man literally tried to pull the suspect off the victim, knowing that man was armed with a large knife,” says Chief Dubord.

    Other highlights included: a community policing award for an officer who’s built partnerships and trust with the Tsawwassen First Nation, resulting in a 40-50% decrease in calls for service; a complex child sexual assault investigation which began in 2015 and eventually resulted in the conviction of the suspect for 25 offences, and a 16-year jail sentence; and Project Green Planet, a drug investigation that netted 94 drug and weapons charges against Red Scorpion gang members and associates, as well as the eradicating a drug line.

    The Delta Police Department Annual Awards ceremony featured 30 different awards, presented to police officers and staff and members of the community. A full list of names and awards are listed below.

    Chief Constable Commendations
    The Chief Constable Commendation is DPD’s highest level of recognition. The members who are receiving Chief Constable Commendations have displayed acts of exceptional courage, including risking their personal safety.

    • Stabbing at Immaculate Conception School
      Acting Sergeant John Jasmins
    • Knife Wielding Man at Kinsmen Village
      Constable Paul Gibson

    Deputy Chief Commendations
    To receive these commendations, officers must have demonstrated significant performance beyond that of a job well done.

    • Alex Fraser Bridge Suicide Attempt
      Constable Gordy Gill, Constable Jeremy Pearce, Constable Kevin Boyce, Constable Jennifer West, and Constable Josh Hutanu
    • Alex Fraser Bridge Suicidal Female
    • Constable Rob Semler and Constable Geoffrey Young
    • Accidental Self-Inflicted Laceration
      Sergeant Sarah Swallow, Sergeant Clayton Ennis, and Constable Bradley Mear
    • Goose Bay Suicide Attempt
      Sergeant Mike Scholz and Constable David Dyck
    • Stabbing at Immaculate Conception School
      Constable Gary Koonar
    • CPR on Suicidal Female
      Constable Rob Kennett and Constable Jennifer West
    • Alex Fraser Bridge – Mental Health Apprehension
      Constable Graham Bruce

    Superintendent Commendations
    The Superintendent Commendation is awarded for an outstanding act of police duty or a distinguished contribution to the administration or operation of the Department and/or the community.

    • Fraud Against Senior Citizen
      Constable Kristine Pemberton
    • Project Virtue
      Staff Sergeant Heath Newton, Sergeant Jason Boyce, Constable Scott Formby, Constable Richard Stabler, Constable Christina Bruce, Constable Gary Koonar, Constable Aman Bachra, Constable Stan Cratchtley (Retired – VPD).
    • Project Green Planet
      Staff Sergeant Heath Newton, Sergeant Ben Bruneau, Constable. Sean Cessford, Constable Kaitlyn Garcia, Constable Rob Semler, Constable Chris Ward, Sergeant Jason Boyce, Constable Emily Wawruck, Constable. Scoff Formby, and Constable Martin Levangie
    • Project Phoenix
      Constable Richard Stabler, Sergeant Rick Peeler, Constable Aman Bachra, Constable Christina Bruce, Constable Brad Coutu, Constable Deanna Church, Sergeant James Sandberg, Sergeant Gwen Vaughan-Smith, Sergeant Jason Formby, Constable Kevin Dueck, Constable Tiffany Cooper, and Ms. Kim Henke
    • Sexual Offence Investigation
      Staff Sergeant Jody Waldron, Constable Jeff Miller, Constable Shane McLaughlin, and Bob Elder
    • Residential Fire Evacuation – North Delta
      Constable Brady Browne, Constable Dalida Omerovic, Constable Brad Coutu, and Sergeant Trent McKie
    • Goose Bay Suicide Attempt
      Staff Sergeant Dave Vaughan-Smith, Constable Brian Short, and Reserve Constable Justin Wong
    • Attempt Suicide by Police
      Constable Jim Ingram, Constable Gordy Gill, Constable Kris Willcock, Constable, Chad Bristow, Constable Richard Molenaar, Sergeant Raman Athwal, and Air 1 Crew Sr. Constable Roger Thomson and Constable Don Mitchell
    • Stabbing at Immaculate Conception School
      Constable Garth Hoffman, Constable Scott Cartmill, Constable Josh Lehbauer, and Constable Bianca Boyce
    • Suicidal Male – Negotiator
      Constable Lee Chapman
    • IT Projects Implementation and DARS & Tableau Compstat Enhancements
      Jim Cicalo

    Sgt. Sukh Sidhu and Cst. Mike Grandia, winners of the Community Policing Award

    Community Policing Award
    The Community Policing Award is awarded to officers who go the extra step, and are dedicated to the community of Delta.

    • TFN Crime Prevention
      Constable Mike Grandia
    • 3-on3 Basketball Tournament
      Sergeant Sukh Sidhu

    Volunteer of the Year
    In 2018, Delta Police volunteers contributed more than 40,000 hours of service to the community of Delta. Our volunteers are the lifeline of our District Community Police Offices, Victim Services Program, and our Reserve Constable Program.

    • Dianne Taylor

    Delta Police Outstanding Citizen Award
    For his contribution to public safety, and for acting to save the life of the female victim.

    • Stabbing at Immaculate Conception School
      Mr. Rohan D’Souza

    Outstanding Citizen Rohan D’Souza and Mayor Harvie

    Delta Police Heroic Action Award
    For his quick and selfless actions that likely saved the life of the victim.

    • Stabbing intervention
      Baljinder Sahota

    Community Partnership Award
    For their generous donation and ongoing support, assisting victims of crime and trauma.

    • Pacific Assistance Dog Society

    St. John’s Ambulance Lifesaving Award

    • CPR on Suicidal Female
      Constable Rob Kennett and Constable Jennifer West
    • Accidental Self-Inflicted Laceration
      Sergeant Sarah Swallow, Sergeant Clayton Ennis, Constable Bradley Mear
    • Stabbing at Immaculate Conception School
      Constable Garth Hoffman, Constable Josh Lehbauer, Constable Scott Cartmill, Constable Bianca Boyce and Rohan D’Souza

    Emergency Health Services Vital Link Award

    • CPR on Suicidal Female
      Constable Rob Kennett and Constable Jennifer West