VoIP: hosted in the cloud or in your office?

Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken

You’ve decided that the benefits of VoIP phone systems are too substantial to ignore any longer. But before you start searching for the right VoIP solution, you need to know which deployment method will work best for your business — cloud-hosted or on premise.

Installation and maintenance

On-premises VoIP phone systems are installed at your company’s office, typically managed and maintained by your own personnel. While you can hire a third party to manage the phone system for you, what you can’t avoid is the hardware cost of setting up your VoIP phones.

Cloud-based VoIP, on the other hand, means all the software and hardware are hosted and maintained by a VoIP provider. Other than the physical phones, everything else is provided virtually, which means you won’t be bothered with expensive hardware costs nor will you need an in-house staff to manage the system.


You might think having on-premises VoIP is the obvious choice when it comes to security, and in one specific case that’s very true; if you have vast IT resources, they are likely better equipped to define system security.

However, for small- to medium-sized businesses, cloud-hosted VoIP remains a favorable option because every aspect of security is taken care of by a provider whose reputation rests on maintaining the most stringent security measures.


On-premises solutions give you better control of your VoIP phones since you can design systems suited to your needs without relying on a third-party. This makes it a popular choice for larger enterprises with dedicated IT technicians needed to customize and manage the system.

With cloud-hosted VoIP, you relinquish certain control to your service provider, which is the price you pay for the convenience of professional deployment and maintenance. This, however, doesn’t give your provider the right to monitor your calls or conduct any activity that breaches your business’s confidentiality.


With on-premises VoIP systems, you rely on your in-house personnel to add or remove features to accommodate your changing needs. There are various backend processes involved and every expansion often increases the complexity you have to manage yourself.

With a cloud-hosted solution, you’ll have an entire team of experts at your beck and call so features can be added or removed as needed. If you’re anticipating future changes, cloud-hosted VoIP will be more effective in the long run.

Your Take Away

With a cloud-hosted solution there’s no longer any need to invest in expensive infrastructure, or to have the expertise to install, maintain and manage it; all you need is Internet capacity and a VOIP enabled phone and you’re ready to go.

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