The Surrey Center Constituency Youth Council


Randeep S. Sarai, Member of Parliament for the riding of Surrey Center held his first introductory meeting with youth from the ages of 15-24 for his new Constituency Youth Council (CYC).

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has said that “young voices must be part of our decision making process”; That is why Randeep Sarai has launched this new initiative to bring together the 24 young people from his riding, in order to engage with them, and listen to the issues that matter to youth in our country. It is important that young Canadians have their say and can proactively share their views and ideas with the government.

As part of the Canadian government’s commitment to meaningful youth engagement, the Surrey Center Youth Council will meet once a month until June 2017. The CYC includes youth from different schools, neighbourhoods, and local associations. The Council will meet several times throughout the year to discuss a number of issues including climate change, access to employment, the cost of education, social justice, and other topics they are passionate about addressing.

The Member of Parliament will learn more about the views of youth from his region through discussions and projects, while, young people can network with the other participants, and better understand the Canadian political process as they take part in it.

“It was great to meet young people from my constituency! Meeting and listening to the bright group of students today has been educational for all of us, whether on how political decision-making works, or the issucyc-2es that concern young people today,” said Randeep S. Sarai, M.P. for Surrey Center.

He added, “There have been a number of excellent and diverse students from S.F.U., U.B.C., and Kwantlen Polytechnic University, among others, that have brought up some preliminary thoughts on what kinds of projects they’d like to work on together over the year. Next month we’ll be focusing on tuition and the cost of education, as well as restorative justice, as decided by the group. I’m very excited to be working and going forward with this youth council on the issues that matter most to youth in Surrey Center.”