The small business owners guide to ‘Working-From-Home’

Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken

Imagine being able to get double the work out of your employees while simultaneously slashing overhead costs, padding your bottom line, and securing incredible loyalty from your staff.

Sound too good to be true? I assure you it’s not…

While it may seem like I’m making radical statements, I want you to know that I’m not a “radical person” with some wild ideas about employee productivity. I am a very grounded and conservative-minded technology consultant with a track record of helping my client’s enjoy more stress-free productivity, lowered costs, and competitive advantages.

There is a fast-growing Work-From-Home telecommuting trend among small and medium businesses that is drastically increasing productivity, cutting costs, and driving more profit to the bottom line.

Sure it doesn’t sound very sexy when you first hear it, but when you see the bottom line impact it has on profits and productivity and talk to business owners who rave about how much money it’s saving them, you’ll start to see what all the excitement is about.

If you are the owner of a small or medium sized business that is thinking about implementing a “work from home” program for your employees – or if you want to install a virtual network to enable you and certain key employees and managers to work on the road or from a remote office, I have prepared a Work From Home Game Plan where I explain in plain, non-technical terms, the best practices for setting up remote access for you and your employees.

I recommend that you use this guide to discover what telecommuting is all about and to determine if a remote access policy is a good strategy for your business. In the guide I explain;

  • What “telecommuting” is and why so many small and medium sized businesses are rapidly implementing work from home programs.
  • How one company saved $11 million after implementing a work from home program – and how you can implement the same money-saving strategies for your small business.
  • How one company slashed its turnover rate from 33% to nearly 0% – and increased productivity by 18% – all by implementing a “work from home” program.

Telecommuting has grown at a steady 3% per year for more than 15 years, and I don’t see this slowing anytime soon. In fact cloud computing has been a catalyst in making it even easier to adopt a work from home strategy.

However, before you go “whole hog” with a telecommuting or remote access, I recommend conducting a small test where you (and possibly a few key managers) are set up to work from home.

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