The Heritage Grill


By Kamilla Singh

Kamilla Singh
Kamilla Singh

New Westminster: The Heritage Grill, this is your destination for great food, exquisite drinks and above all live music every night. Oh yes from the first drops of wines to wet your lips, to the last dribble of crème caramel, the sinful culinary delights of New Westminster, the heritage Grill which is very young at heart only started on May 28th 2005 on Columbia Street in New Westminster.

Nested in Historic New Westminster, this is where the businesses and hotels were, it was where you went to meet all and sundry on the sidewalk. After a great fire of 1898, only a few buildings were left and Heritage Grill is one of them. Heritage Grill is airy, elegant and comfortable. The front of the restaurant opens up totally to the south on Columbia Street, one of the most charming streets in New West. Sophisticated in it’s décor, food and service. You will find tantalizing menu with innovative appetizers, entrees and dessert prepared neo-Italian style, accentuated with flavors from around the world. They pay special attention to details with the menus and if there is something you would like to have they will cater to your needs, this means if you have any allergies etc.

Heritage grillEven as a young boy, Paul Minhas had a dream of a owning his own jazz club, then as a young man he traveled for several years in Europe and Asia where he got his first taste of what is possible in a good jazz Club.

“My passion for Columbia Street rich and colorful, this has an interesting history that goes back well over a century, my dream was to open a restaurant in New Westminster and call it “Yale Town of New Westminster” Paul Minhas the owner said.

“My vision for this place is to give patrons a relaxed environment in the Downtown area, where they can meet with friends, enjoy good food and drinks and listen to live music. Our menus are more of European influence with west coast flavor, we do everything from the scratch, every sauce, dessert and food we prepare here is from the scratch, people come from far and wide just for food and relaxation” he said.

“We have live music seven days a week, only on Sunday we have live band during day, otherwise we have music every evening, and every Sunday evening we have models who come out and do drawing session, and these are local artists and they hang out for hours.” He added.

cobb salad“What makes us very popular to the locals and people who travel far away to come and enjoy the music and theFettuccini Chicken Alfredo food, we want once customers come in here leave happy and the customers here are the repeat ones, some of them I see them 4 to 6 times in a month, they keep coming back” he added.

My experience was an awesome one, I went in early in the evening when I wasn’t too hungry, I had Caesar salad and chicken strips, both were exceptionally delicious. The cuisine prepared under the watchful eye of the very versatile cook who prepares regular menus, some very exciting and different daily specials!
They offer an outdoor patio, a huge indoor dining area with stages and bar, as well as separate rooms for special private functions. Paul has some exciting plans for the future-you will just have to come regularly to see how it all unfolds. With great Bistro food, an extensive wine list and a great place to hang out this eatery gets my high five. The traditional jazz music floating through the air, like they say, just close your eyes and you could be in the city of Light, except that the service is better.

Hours of operation are from 11am to 2am Monday to Friday and weekends from 10 am to 2am. Located at 447 Columbia Street in New Westminster, give them a call at 604-759-0819 or visit their website at