The Finest Hours (PG) **** – By Shirl Hollenberg


The finest hourWaterlogged!
High intrigue on the high seas brings out the guts in people during The Finest Hours. Based on a true story this rousing Disney flick is inspiring with a capital I. Muster up the courage to see a group of courageous men stare down imminent death at Cineplex Odeon arenas across B.C.
Shy with girls but good with boats is Bernie Webber. Under the steady hand of a back to Earth Chris Pine we see Bernie seize hate day as a gutsy Coast Guard operative called in to active duty on a perilous rescue mission. Led by an egotistical commander Bernie takes it upon himself to go out on an al out impossible rescue mission off the coast of Cape Cod in 1952.
Somewhere in Those deep, cold and treacherous waters under darkened skies is a tanker in trouble. Panic sets in both on the tanker and the rescue boat as these vessels are toyed with by Mother Nature. Made in 3-D audiences will sense the danger throughout this 117 minute ordeal.
Very good acting adds to the genuine appeal of the re-telling of this compelling event. Excellent work by Casey Affleck as a not too talkative deckhand and Eric Bana as an egotistical commander further heighten the tension in this pulse pounding thriller that will leave you breathless.