The eight spiritual powers of Raj Yoga





“Be the ones who transform the situation with the power of your own stage”

We need to have all the powers under our orders because even if one is not under our orders than whatever the weakness is, it will take you in a form of a test paper. We can be deceived at the moment we need so we need to get ready in advance. Together with checking we also need the power of transformation.

The easy method to remain always powerful is with the thought of that I am point of energy and I am just travelling thru this world then I can remain detached from this world.
If we do service with remembrance of the supreme power, we will receive power. To be a powerful soul means to finish all waste. Because waste takes us into negativity and if there is a small negative thought we lose our power.

When we work together we receive power from each other and the actions become accurate. Accurate actions bring happiness and power. We learn thru Raj Yoga Meditation to invoke our powers; and to invoke the powers we need pure thoughts.
How to invoke our powers and virtues? We need to stay in the conscious of our original self and through that our original virtues, values and powers will emerge automatically. As is the self so are the virtues and powers. The conscious of that self will automatically create our stage.
Before performing any task invoke the power according to the task to be performed. Then become a master of that power then order it. That means I became experienced on that power. It is so easy just like the arms do the job under my order.
If I have any kind of fear or doubt I cannot issue an order. If you think: Am I going to be able to do this or not means there are fear, no experience then I cannot issue a power. Therefore, we need to become fearless.

Just by saying everyone is good I also become good. The scenes of this world drama will also become very good because the vibrations of you becoming good will change even the negative into positive.
To bring any seed of thought to fruit water that seed all the time with the supreme power, the supreme seed and my own seed will automatically grow and bear fruit.

There are eight spiritual powers:

1. Power to Withdraw,
2. Power to Let Go or Pack up,
3. Power to Tolerate or Power of Tolerance
4. Power to Adjust
5. Power to Discern
6. Power to Judge or Decide
7. Power to Face
8. Power to Cooperate

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