The Awareness Fix – By Mike George


awakeningwhiteonblackIn another scenario, if someone told you that you AND a colleague has won millions in the lottery AND your mother has died, you would probably stay in the feeling of sadness about your mum (or would you?) but your colleague will likely create and feel ecstatic.  What you feel ‘almost’ always has mental origins and has nothing to do with the other person delivering the physical information.

Take a moment the next time you feel physical pain. Notice that it’s the thoughts ‘about’ the pain that take over very soon after the physical sensation itself.    The thoughts about the physical pain (the mental movie) then trigger more feelings.  This is fairly obvious when explained like this.  But most of us are unaware that our feelings are coming from the stories we create in our minds.  We believe our feelings are coming from other people’s behaviours, or their words, or even glances, or from events and circumstances around us.   But that in itself is just another story we learn to run in our minds.

Only self-awareness can help.  This is why mindfulness, which is essentially self-awareness, helps many people to manage chronic physical pain.  It helps them to stop creating stories about the pain, which simply magnifies and morphs the pain into mental/emotional suffering.

With the practice of self-awareness, it becomes clear that other people and the world exist in two places.  Out there and ‘in here’.  Except the world ‘in here’ is your own version, your own story, ‘about’ the world ‘out there’.  That’s why two people can watch the same movie ‘out there’, but see different movies, as they soon discover when they chat about the movie afterward.  Each creates their own version of the movie.

Hence the saying ‘you create your own reality’.

So while you may ‘believe’ it’s other people and what’s happening in the world that is shaping your feelings, it’s not, ever!  It’s always your version, your interpretation, your creation.  That’s why, when the stock market crashes, some people are slashing their wrists while others are breaking out the champagne.

As long as you are not aware of this you are not free.  You are not the master of your mind.  You are trapped in a story in your own mind.  Either a story entirely created by you or in a story created by others which you then use to create your own version…phew!

Submitted by Brahma Kumaris Vancouver 
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