Tamarind Hill Malaysian Cuisine


Kamilla Singh

Kamilla Singh
Kamilla Singh

New Westminster: Guys if you’re on the hunt for a typical hot and spicy Malaysian food then your hunt is over. Best food with no pretension, just flavor of Malaysian food. It brings along a heavy dose of Spicy Chinese and Indian cooking to south East Asian flavors and the combination is a winner.
Tamarind is a native tropical plant that grows wild in Africa, it was introduced into India and Asian countries long time ago, the pulp dehydrates to a sticky paste enclosed by a few coarse stands of fiber. Tamarind sauce is the main ingredient that is being introduced in their cooking.

I must agree this is a great addition to the New West’s restaurant scene. Great food in a small and well decorated place, the lay-out is professionally. It is a beautiful and clean table set up for the guests to come and enjoy their cuisine and the ambience. Some pieces of the furniture are very unique, some of the pieces of furniture are imported from India, so it adds to the Indian flavor as far as the decoration goes. The owners are friendly and attentive, in no time I was seated and someone was there with water and menu. The menu is also well laid out, no complication in reading the menu. They have two sets of menus, one for lunch and other one for dinner.
I started off with Roti Canai (this is soft bread with pan friend golden crust, serve with spicy curry dip) this is their signature dish among many others. This is just right as a starter, you don’t want to eat too much or else there is no room for the main course. For the main course I wanted to try Singapore spicy sweet and sour chicken, it is made with juicy tender chicken marinated with onions, garlic pepper and shallots, stir fried in a spicy sweet and sour sauce, this came with assortments of yellow colored vegetables. I ordered coconut rice to go along with Singapore chicken; the combination of these two was perfect. The meat was so tender, it simply melts in the mouth, the proportions are huge, service is excellent and atmosphere is cozy.
“This place has been here for over a decade, people come through the door by word of mouth, people come and eat and they are the ones that recommend this place to their family and friends,” said one of the diners.
The chef has over thirty years of experience in cooking Malaysian food, he worked in many restaurants and most recently he worked at the Banana Leaf Malaysian restaurant in Vancouver.
“We specialize in special curries such as lamb shanks, mixed seafood and Assam curry sauce, plus we also have a huge selection of vegetarian dishes. Another popular dish that is popular here is Laksa.
Seating is available for up to 65 people, fully licensed; you can celebrate your special day such as birthday or anniversaries here with your family and close friends. Lunch is served Monday to Sunday from 11:30 to 3:00pm and dinner from 5 pm to 9 pm seven days a week. They offer 10% for all pick up orders, free parking after 8 pm.

Located at Unit 103-628 6th Avenue, New Westminster, please call ahead and make a reservation at 604-526-3000

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