Svengali (PG) *** – By Shirl Hollenberg


Dream a Little Dream!


SvengaliWho doesn’t love a story about the underdog winning – or not. Cue the music for Svengali, a small independent film from Touchwood PR with lots of chops. Zero in on a would be rocked impresario by calling hour local cable carrier or Internet provider to examine this quaint little charmer.

Dreams are meant to come true. Or not. Take the case of Johnny Owen, one hick from the sticks. One man movie machine, the real life Owen stars, produces and writes this obscure little movie. Family issues, a drive to succeed and unexpected ups and downs haunt this good old country boy who tackles city slickers in route to trying to become the next Brian Epstein.

Made with few name stars except Martin Freeman viewers will get caught up in the simple exuberance and charm Owen  brings to the table as an out of his league willing to please charmer whose attempts to find a band and bring them to rock and roll supremacy. Watch out.

Lots of inside jokes in the music business and stereotypes are played for laughs in Svengali, a film that actually gives dock and roll a good name for a change.