Sukh Dhaliwal welcomes Justin Trudeau’s Surrey visit on June 29


Sukh Dhaliwal  Justin TrudeauSurrey: Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, will be coming to Surrey on June 29th for a Meet and Greet event at the Taj Park Convention Centre at 5:30 PM.

“In my many trips to British Columbia during the past few years, I’ve seen firsthand that British Columbians want, and are ready for, change”, said Justin Trudeau.

“I’ll be back in BC to meet with residents and share our plan for fairness and transparency. I hope you’ll join me at a Meet and Greet with, Sukh Dhaliwal, our Liberal candidate for Surrey-Newton”, continued Justin.

“I am pleased that Justin Trudeau is returning to Surrey to help me launch my summer campaign season”, said Sukh Dhaliwal. “We will have many of our Liberal Party members out to see our Leader for a free event”.