By Shirl Hollenberg
Wet BumHard earned Canadian tax dollars are on display in Wet Bum. Upstart Search Engine films teams up with Telefilm to offer up an insightful look into the tumultuous life of a young girl. Check out the action at the International
Village Cinemas.
Coming of ages stories are always hard to pull off. Here the centre of the universe is plain looking Sam. Consider this character to be a breakthrough for young Julia Sarah Stone. Likely born in B.C. Ms. Stone successfully navigates through a host of adolescent rivalries. Issues that seem to confound this girl’s life are indifferent/know-it-all family members, bullying, rivalry and burgeoning sexuality.
Director/writer Lindsay Mackay juggles all sorts of emotional feelings here. Set largely at a retirement home where Sam works and a swimming class where she tries to escape the tone and atmosphere is rather dull and bleak. Overbearing is Sam’s mom while Craig Arnold scores while trying to score as Lukas, an older rather hot to trot lifeguard.
Teens will be able to relate to the pressure this 14 year old faces on a daily basis. Whether they will feel comfortable seeing this played out us another issue. Also worth noting is the work of Kenneth Welsh (The Aviator) whose take as Ed, a cantankerous old sod, elevates the impact of this 98 minute drama.
Wet Bum (PG) **