By Shirl Hollenberg

IMG_0392Never fool Mother Nature. Be prepared is the age old motto of the boys scouts. Luck and skill are needed to avoid a natural disaster in San Andreas. Timely in the extreme is this Warner Brothers spectacular now setting off alarm bells at Cineplex Odeon arenas across B.C,
Time and time again people who live on the west coast of North America have been warned about being hit by “The Big One.” Whether you live in beautiful British Columbia or sunny California the message has not seemed to have sunk in. Consider Southern California to be ground zero with its historic San Andreas fault line.
Out to save stranded people in The Golden State is Ray. Trust Dwayne Johnson (The Tooth Fairy) as an all round good guy, an ace helicopter pilot with a smile as wide as The Grand Canyon to take care of business. Looked up to by his younger colleagues poor Ray can’t seem to catch a break with his home life.
All that matters to Ray is his only daughter Blake while healthy mom Emma is busy hooking up with other men. Wholesome Carla Gugino and Ioan Gruffold try to make waves as the new item with Alexandria Daddario bringing up the rear as Blake.
Trouble on a more massive scale comes by way of a seismic scientist who sees weird events unfolding on his specialized computer. Humble Paul Giamatti lets his hair down and comes undone as California prepares for a massive quake.
Exciting, realistic with perfect pacing and a never say die Everyman hero help turn San Andreas into a winning adventure full of non-stop action and harrowing special effects. Even the 3-D effects are wonderful here and actually work for a change.
San Andreas (PG) ***