Ready or Not (PG) **** – By Shirl Hollenberg


Family Divide!

Marriage is the biggest decision a person makes in their lifetimes. House carefully. A bride to be learns the hard way that grooms (and their families) may not be all they’re cut out (or made out) to be in Ready or Not. Credit Fox Searchlight Pictures for choosing wisely and bringing this sensational dark comedy thriller to blue ray and DVDs across B.C.
Something wicked her way comes. All bride to be Grace wants is to make her main man Alex happy and never mind that he comes very rich stock. Together or apart Samara Weaving and Mark O’Brien are inseparable. Or almost. Once the deed is done and the vows consummated let the fun begin. Only In this messed up household fun and games have a decidedly kinky feeling.
Lady by papa Tony de Lomas and cunning wife Rebecca Grace is learned into a deadly family ritual – a games night with ominous consequences.  Over the top father and mother-in-law Henry Czeny (Mission Impossible) and Andie MacDowel, (Bad Girls) deal the hard hand to Grace who winds up free front and Centre in a rather unique twist of perennial child favourite hide and seek.
Set at a palatial manor/estate with more hidden places than Harry Potter could  conjure up at Hogwarts Ready or Not is a fantastically entertaining farce with enough campy over the top performances and feee flowing gore dine in a tasteful way to keep you on your toes throughout. And as a bonus you get to see a breakout head turning performance from Samara Weaving who is in her way to stardom. Guaranteed.