Randeep S. Sarai is hoping to get Liberal nomination from Surrey-Newton Riding

Randeep Singh Sarai
Randeep Singh Sarai
Randeep Singh Sarai

Surrey: In a brief conversation with Asian Journal, Randeep Sarai said that he is ready to be entrusted with responsibility to become Surrey- Newton’s voice in Ottawa. When asked about the difference between his ideology and Sukh Dhaliwal’s, Randeep said, “We are both are Liberals and there is no issue of   ideology between us. It’s more about style of politician you want. We have a new leader, Justin Trudeau, he is 42 years old and he has made a call for young people to participate in politics and I have decided to answer that call. It’s a new era of politics and Liberal party is trying to usher in change, and I want to be part of that change.”
Commenting on the issues that are important to him and will be central to his campaign, Randeep said, “I live and work in Surrey – Newton  constituency. I know the issues affecting the residents here. Earlier Surrey-Newton was gem of Surrey but now it is a neglected part of Surrey. I don’t think so that there has been push by the MPs past and present here for federal funding to reduce crime, to bring industry here, to bring jobs here.

In last 5 to 10 years there hasn’t been any new infrastructure development in this area. An MP’s job is to be voice of Surrey –Newton in Ottawa and not be Ottawa’s voice in Surrey – Newton.”
“The three top issues for me are Crime, Economy and Infrastructure. If elected to represent Surrey- Newton, I will push for more federal attention towards them. My aim is to bring prosperity to the region, if economy is stable and prosperous, then crime goes down, gang involvement goes down. Good paying jobs help build happy and healthy community. The vision is to make Surrey-Newton education hub, innovation and technology hub. LRT is very important and I am going to push for it in Ottawa on behalf of Surrey- Newton.” Replying to question on the three way fight, he said, “I don’t believe in personal attacks. It is easy to critique somebody, everyone who has put their name forward for public service is brave person and election result will depend on what the current MP has done. The evaluation will be based on work done. Jinny Sims will be judged on her track record and on what she has done for the people. The election is going to be fought on ideology. I think the vision Justin Trudeau is going to resonate with the residents of Surrey – Newton. In past this area has seen the 3 way fight between Conservatives, Liberals and NDP but I definitely think this is Liberals area”.