Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (PG) **** – By Shirl Hollenberg


Three Times a Lady!

Professor MarstonEver want to indulge your fantasies? Innocent thoughts lead to complications galore in the eventful Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. Perhaps ahead of their time this eventful film from Sony Pictures turns out to be quite the eye-opener. Intended for mature audiences this high voltage drama can be seen at The Fifth Avenue Cinemas.

Additives can be hard to change. Throw sex into the mix and the stakes can go even higher. What happens at a nice Ivy School shines the spotlight on love and relationships and the specter of going outside the norm.

Happily married and comfortable in their academic careers are Professor Marston and wife co-educator Elizabeth Holloway. Being in love is perfectly conveyed by Luke Evans and Rebecca Hall. Their specialty is psychology and social norms. Important theories and beliefs they hold are out to the ultimate test when a cute blonde student enrolls in their class.

Olive Byrne turns out to be quite the vision and before you know it Bella Heathcote turns out to be. Ire than a passing fancy for her older education. Soon extra-curricular fun becomes much more intimate as the now trio engage in all sorts of hidden taboos that would even make High Hefner blush.

Secrets like these are hard to keep. News of the three-way affair hits home hard as the ugly specter of bullying and intolerance rear their ugly heads. Left to fend for themselves trio are humiliated and effectively run out of town. With no pay he is coming in the late Professor embarks on a career path change coming up with a concept of a female super hero in a comic book. Thus, Wonder Woman is born.

Sensual and sincere Professor Marston & The Wonder Women explores the hidden pleasures three people explore and enjoy. Even today some people may frown on their erotic dalliances while others will just say live and let live. If you are looking for expert acting that may well be paved with Oscar gold them this is one sexy drama well worth seeing.