Power to Tolerate or Power of Tolerance                      Part III


awakeningwhiteonblackWhat is Power of Tolerance?

“Toleration is the greatest gift of the mind; it requires the same effort of the brain that it takes to balance oneself on a bicycle.” Helen Keller

Power of tolerance is when an angry person showers you with rough words and you constantly smile.With the power of tolerance we will never get afraid and never question why this one talking like that or why is such things happen.


Why do we not get affected?

There are 2 types of test paper to check your power of tolerance

  1. Bad words and the assault from other people. Some to face their discontent on small or large matter they become like traitors
  2. Different types of obstacle: In these situations one with the power to tolerate has the power to change a discontented soul into a contented soul. He/she would consider that soul to be under some kind of influence and have the desire to bring benefit to that one.

Why the Power of tolerance is needed?

  • to have success in service
  • to stay within the gathering
  • the final paper of destruction

How do I develop the power to tolerate?

The more love you have for someone the greater the powers are in that love. If there is a lack of love there is a lack of the power of tolerance. When I can tolerate my own limitations I am more able to do that for others.

Power of love

  • Makes labour easy- it feels like a game
  • Makes you forget the body and bodily world in a second.
  • Makes you surrender easily
  • Makes the impossible possible.
  • They are above effort and difficulties.
  • You feel the hand of protection of the Supreme Father over you.

Shiv Baba is known as Dilaran the “Comforter of Heart”

Love means to remain close to be victorious to pass all the external situations. Because of their constant love Maya and the elements are constant subservient to them. This means that the constantly loving souls have become masters. In the path of devotion and worship in Christianity we have the Virgin Mary and Jagdamba.

Jagdamba carries the most weapons of all the shaktis (powers) symbolizing how much power is truly needed to tolerate and to love fully with a pure heart without desire for return and without conditions.

The World Mother Embraces all the children understanding the bad behavior is only born out of fear no insecurity. She can tolerate everything continually loving beyond the fear. She never allows her own dignity to diminish. She is the protector of the innocence – in the self and others Distortion of this is the martyr role which is a way of manipulating energy to win the game of feeling worthwhile and worthy and or getting attention, energy, power.

How does one know if they have tolerance?

The one who has the power of tolerance are always fully accomplished and will go into the depth of remembrance and Gyan.

With the virtue of tolerance and the dharna of the power of tolerance one constantly remains cheerful even when getting insulted just like Brahma Baba has done.

Color: Green


  • Understanding
  • Patience
  • Acceptance
  • Fearlessness

This article from the Food for the soul website:

Tolerance does not mean to suppress something. Suppression is a negative energy which causes stress. In time anything that is suppressed rebound.

To tolerate means to accept through understanding. Acceptance is a change in my internal attitude towards that which I feel I need to tolerate. Tolerance is actually about respecting the differences I see.

First I have to learn to tolerate my own inner reactions. This can only happen when I learn to disengaged from the thoughts and feelings creating my inner reaction.

I am not my thoughts or feelings, they are my creation, thus I am able to separate myself from them if I wish.

If I can take a second to step back and become an observer of the drama that is going on within, then I will have the opportunity to see it from another perspective, and so understand and accept it.

Make a friend of the power to tolerate.

Om Shanti

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