Paton says Delta commuters being ignored by Horgan government

Ian Paton
Ian Paton
Ian Paton

DELTA: Following today’s NDP announcement of a new Pattullo Bridge, Delta South MLA Ian Paton says it’s clear the community of Delta has been abandoned by John Horgan and his government.

“The Pattullo Bridge is in need of replacement, no question,” says Paton. “But while the NDP says the Pattullo Bridge will be unsafe for commuters in five years—the George Massey Tunnel is unsafe now. Why isn’t the safety of Delta commuters a priority for this government?”

Instead of moving forward with the former BC Liberal government’s plan to build a new bridge to replace the aging Massey Tunnel, the NDP has chosen to cancel the project and order an expensive and redundant review.

“Today’s announcement adds to my suspicion the NDP have no intention of replacing the Massey Tunnel,” says Paton. “They have no plans to fix B.C.’s worst bottleneck and relieve the gridlock for the 80,000 motorists a day who travel through it.”

Paton notes construction of the George Massey Tunnel Replacement project could have been well underway by now if the NDP had proceeded with it. Instead, sand and equipment sit idle on the side of the highway as the project has been completely abandoned.