Parminder Basran and Bhabjit Aujla found guilty and sentenced for 6 years in relation to death of Amandeep bath in 2004

Amandeep Bath
Amandeep Bath
Amandeep Bath

On March 3, 2017, Parminder Basran and Bhabjit Aujla pled guilty in relation to the 2004 death of Amandeep Bath.

Mr. Basran pled guilty to manslaughter with a firearm and was sentenced today to 6 years.

Mr. Aujla pled guilty to assault and was sentenced today to time served, which equated to 11 months in custody.

S/Sgt. Jennifer Pound says, “IHIT’s cold case team consists of highly skilled investigators who have provided justice to families who have tragically lost loved ones.  Mr. Bath’s homicide was the first investigation that IHIT’s cold case team assumed conduct of in 2012.  As a result of the dedication and compassion that each IHIT investigator displayed throughout the years, today, nearly 13 years after the death of Mr. Bath, we are seeing accountability and justice served.”