MP Sandhu demands Government to invest in Community Safety

Jasbir Sandhu, MP
Jasbir Sandhu, MP, Surrey North
Jasbir Sandhu, MP, Surrey North

Ottawa: MP for Surrey North, Jasbir Sandhu, rose in the House of Commons to request that the Conservative Government invest more resources into keeping our communities safe.

The Conservative government continues to cut programs that monitor dangerous individuals once they are released from prison. “Programs such as Canada’s Circles of Support and Accountability have a proven record of keeping high-risk sex offenders from re-offending by supervising these individuals when they are released back into our communities. Yet, the Conservatives continue to cut funding from programs like this one that help reduce crime” said Mr. Sandhu.

Crime is a serious problem in Surrey, as well as in other communities across Canada. However, instead of spending 10 million dollars that were earmarked to deal with child-exploitation and reducing crime, the Conservatives decided to put it back into the general revenue. “As a father I am concerned the Conservatives are playing politics when it comes to crime. This government should have a zero-tolerance attitude towards child-exploitation and should be making sure it is using all resources available to protect our children and to keep our communities safe” said Mr. Sandhu.