Know about Lyme disease – By Dr. Holly

Dr. Holly
Dr. Holly
Dr. Holly

Lyme disease is a lot more pervasive and complicated that the conventional medical system recognizes. In fact, with how the conventional medical system responds to it…they can be actually making it worse.

Typically, they miss it AND when they identify it, they prescribe anti-biotics which can make matters worse.

So let’s start with understanding what it is first:

  • There are 36 types of known Borrelia – the bacteria family that can cause Lyme Disease
  • There are 12 known types of bacteria that are transmitted by ticks
  • There are at least another 3 types that are transmitted from rodents

But this is the simple part, the more complex issue is that Lyme usually happens alongside of other infections, like:

  • Bartonella Erlichia
  • Rocky mtn spotted fever Anaplamosis
  • Tick bourne encelphalitis Tularemia
  • Colarodo tick fever Mycoplasma

This may be due to the fact the immune system is targeted with the Lyme disease which then makes a person more vulnerable to other disease.  But it may also be due to an even more complex issue called pleomorphism:  how one type of bacteria can change into another, dependent on its environment.

Now this may sound farfetched, but if we look at our own bodies, we do the same thing.  Stem cells are the original cells the body creates, before they develop into special cells.  It doesn’t matter where a Stem Cell starts, it will develop into a given type of cell, dependent on its environment.  Consequently, a stem cell that originates in your big toe can travel to your heart, via the blood, and develop into a heart cell.

Once again, environment is so important.

But, when we are dealing with Lyme disease, we have to go a step further.  Lyme disease effects how oxygen travels in the blood and which then has a direct impact on the mitochondrial function in the cells. 

This of course, has a systemic effect throughout the entire body, which is why Lyme disease can present itself with any of the following signs and symptoms:

Signs and symptoms:

  • Cardio: heart palpitations are common, sometimes accompanied by dizziness
  • Energy: usually clients will feel fatigued; sleep longer and take naps
  • Immune: flu like symptoms like a viral infection, body aches, fever, chills
  • Liver: if not addressed immediately, the liver can become inflamed, and stomach pains
  • Lymphatic system: nodes will feel inflamed – like a cold or strep throat
  • Metabolic issues: gut issues; low metabolism; weight gain; depletion of healthy microbiota
  • Motor: some lose control of hands/feet
  • Neuro: memory loss, concentration, depression/anxiety, even personality changes, disorientation, brain fog
  • Optic: inflammation in the eyes; look red and become sore, but not itchy
  • Osteo: Joint pain – especially larger joints – like arthritis
  • Skin: rashes – usually show up within a week of being bitten – “Bull’s Eye” although 50% never have it

It also explains, why Lyme disease can be misdiagnosed as of the following:

  • ADHD, Adrenal fatigue, Depression, Chronic fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia, Gut issues, Hashimoto, Hypo thyroid
  • Microbiota issues, MS, Parkinsons
  • And various other disorders

My last PhD (in nutrition) presented the integrated model for the biochemistry of cellular healing.  I showed how the methylation processes, the mitochondrial function and the DNA expression were all hugely important to the regulation and synthesis of glutathione – a compound that not only ends up protecting the mitochondria (which provides the body with fuel) but also regulates the immune system.

This, however, still doesn’t resolve the oxygenation issue.  We have to get the body to transport oxygen more effectively.  Well we can do that too.

When you combine:

  • Effective oxygenation
  • Effective mitochondrial functioning
  • Effective methylation cycles
  • Effective regulation and synthesis of glutathione
  • Healthy and balanced microbiota
  • Which then provokes both healthy fuel and a healthy immune system

With this protocol, you create the ability to effectively deal with any number of issues including those associated with any of the Lyme issues.

Here’s to your health!

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