In Order of Disappearance (PG) **** – By Shirl Hollenberg


Kill Zone!

IMG_2657European filmmakers sometimes hit the zone. Scenic Norway in all its wintry splendor is ground zero for a family about to fracture in In Order of Disappearance. Watch the mayhem reach a cascading crescendo at the Vancity Theatre on Seymour Street in downtown Vancouver courtesy of Raw Sugar PR or wait for its I tune release coming mid-September.

Steady as he goes Stellan Skarsgard plays Nils Dickman Рno masculine jokes please. Our chap is somewhat of a hero in the small Norwegian towns here he lives. Quite the family man our good citizen makes his living driving a snow plow contracted out for the rural highway department. Highly respected by everyone this all around happily married good guy even gets a community award for his non-stop service.

Funny how somethings can “turn” even the most decent among us. When Dickman learns his only son has disappeared and gone astray something seems amiss. Bad things can have a chilling effect on some righteous folks and this once ordinary citizen becomes anything but. Think a rural Dirty Harry whose one Death Wish wreaks havoc on various sordid sorts in this smart yet brutal slow-building thriller.

Well-acted, into the abyss we go as the killing begins. A clever script featuring lots of sly unsavoury characters brightens what could have been just a standard revenge flick turning it into a satisfying journey

Made with English subtitles that really don’t detract too much this is ideal for your viewing pleasure In Order of Disappearance also features Bruno Ganz and is quite a satisfying journey.