By Shirl Hollenberg

IMG_0375Life has its ups and downs. Constant turmoils create chaos for a troubled young Woman in Welcome To Me. Crisp performances highlight this engaging bittersweet comedy/drama from D Films and Touchwood Pr now filling up seats at the International Village Cinemas.
Dreams of riches are something we can all relate to. Left alone to her own devices is Alice Klieg. Not quite ready for prime time it takes Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids) courage to come to terms with her difficulties. Countless medical ailments and psychological problems plague the poor girl. Not even winning a lottery jackpot can get the new not so poor Alice out of her funk.
Flush with cash the easy-going nutcase decides to do a reality t.v. show. Gullible producers are only too happy to take the newly minted millionaire’s money. Still this one woman show somehow manages to connect with the masses. So
will this movie. Bolstered by a top rated supporting cast including Wes Bentley, Joan Cusack and James Marsden the creators of Welcome To Me have come up with a poignant tale of a woman in Crisis – on the verge – and the onlookers that wind up as central charters to one tumultuous life. Super acting by Kristen Wiig show just how talented this underrated woman truly is.
Welcome To Me (14A) ****