Health, Wealth and Happiness – what more can one want?

Paarull JS Bakshi

By Paarull JS Bakshi

Paarull JS Bakshi
Paarull JS Bakshi

They say that our mind is our most powerful tool and if used correctly, our mind can help us

Mr. Russell Monsurate
Mr. Russell Monsurate

achieve it all! In the 21st century, the ‘power of the mind’ has now become a fad as we hear almost everyone on their social media accounts become an expert in working with their mind. Many have read books on self-help and changing your mind but if it was that simple, wouldn’t everyone become a self-proclaimed Guru? It’s a simple case of the blind leading the blind!
The answer is that there must be someone that guides you through this process and such is the job of Mr. Russell Monsurate. He is an expert in the disciplines of self-empowerment and enhancing the miraculous power of the Human Mind. He began is Yoga Teaching practise in 1973 after certifying in Mumbai, India at the Yoga Institute. He has practised and mastered disciplines that encompass Yoga, Transactional Analysis, Avatar, Reiki, Transcendental Meditation, Silva Mind Development and the Silva UltraMind ESP Seminars and is the current Country Director for these courses in the United Kingdom, Canada and India. The results are nothing short of astonishing!
It is a widely known fact that our mind processes roughly 60,000 thoughts per day at the conscious mind level as indicated by some researches in the mid 90’s.

Only a few of these thoughts are Positive thoughts but a majority of them are negative. A famous Western Psychiatrist Dr. Milton Erickson said to his colleague “ Dr. Sidney Rosen don’t you realize that your patients life is controlled by his subconscious mind 95% of the time”?
Russell has now created a course called Health, Wealth and Happiness which has been widely recognized by students around the world. This course is a hands on Guide to mastering the three major pathways of our lives by providing the students with the knowledge and tools on how to regain and re-set their Health and Financial levels of wellness and finally to be able to maximize their Happiness levels. . This 5 Day course outlines subjects like creating a ‘healthy and wealthy lifestyle’, ‘attaining wealth’, and attracting ‘the love of your life’ and understanding the ‘hidden’ psychology of the mind.
Russell who is a great entrepreneur in the business of self-healing, previously held a position of a CEO earning a percentage of the direct profits of one of the largest Canadian Immigrant Companies in Dubai UAE. He feels “an abundance of joy when his students/clients see and experience the results in their life.” His motivation lies in the satisfaction of his clients and he believes that his business just ‘grows itself’ and very little marketing or sales effort is required. There is a significant amount of client retention and referrals in the business and that’s how the business has grown over the years.
Now more than ever, in this age of misinformation there is a great demand for ‘authentic Teachers’ who have the ability to help alleviate pain and suffering and return a being to a balanced and healthier life. To learn more contact:


Paarull graduated from Langara College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Marketing Major) in 2011. She has been working with many small businesses in Vancouver and the lower mainland for the past few years assisting them with various needs in the field of Marketing, Sales, Franchising, PR and Business Development.