Harold’s Custom Equipment Rentals Ltd. – serving the Entertainment Industry for a decade!


Paarull JS Bakshi

Harold's LogoHarold Felhauer was born in Saskatchewan and his entrepreneurial nature has led him to try many different ventures over the span of his career. Harold is the name and the vision behind a company called Harold’s Custom Equipment Rentals Ltd. which has been serving the Entertainment industry for the past decade with their state of the art equipment rentals. Harold was supported on his business with his wife Maggie Felhauer who has been his partner in this business since the beginning. With a fleet of over 150 equipment trucks in operation all over North America on various movie sets, Harold’s has a very strong brand presence among the industry.
Harold Custom Equipment Rentals Ltd. has a variety of trucks which can be rented depending on the budget or requirement of the project. Harold’s supplies equipment to movie Production Companies all over North America and their services are supervised 24/7 to ensure the safety and security of attending passengers. The trucks are also tracked via a GPS tracker which allows for the company to be aware of the location of any of the equipment, should the need occur. The variety of their trucks range from some of the following: Buses, Cable Trucks, Camera Trucks, Celebrity Trailers, First Aid Trailers, Hair Makeup Wardrobe, Production Trailers, Tractors, etc. just to name a few. Each of these trucks serves a different purpose on production sets and is often needed for long periods of time because of the duration of certain projects. According to Harold and Maggie, some of their trucks are rented out for most of the year and brought back only when they’re required to be serviced.
In a candid chat with Harold and Maggie, Harold says that when he first started his business, he had to work very hard to fit into this “make believe world”, although “it’s been a wonderful adventure and it’s a good thing, I got Maggie! She’s been with me through thick and thin.” Maggie grins and says that her husband Harold is a person who can “see the future”, she says “he’s a visionary.” Well it certainly seems so as his vision has really turned into a successful reality which will live for years to come. A success like such makes us believe even more that anything is possible and as Harold says that “this world is so full of opportunities and wonderful things we can create and it’s just up to us to use what we have”. It is Entrepreneurs like Harold which make the big changes in our society and also give many others the hope to achieve their hopes and dreams!
Ms. Shernjeet Vicki GillHarold’s is a name that will live on for many years to come as it’s already created its own niche in the market.
Harold’s Custom Equipment Rentals Ltd. is now under the guidance of Ms. Shernjeet Vicki Gill who now holds the position as the Director of Financial Operations for the company. Harold and Maggie are still as involved as they can be for the company but they also enjoy their time on their Motorhome travelling around BC.