Good jobs, sustainable Economy at the heart of a Better B.C.

John Horgan Premier Designate, B.C. New Democrats

Victoria: It’s time for British Columbians to share in the benefits of our strong economy.

Today’s families work harder than ever, yet many are falling further behind.

Wages have stagnated, part-time and unstable work has replaced good jobs, and people haven’t shared in the province’s economic prosperity.

People need good paying jobs and the chance to get ahead. We’re building a better B.C. with good jobs and a strong, sustainable, and innovative economy that puts people first.

Instead of focusing on one sector to create jobs, we’re working to strengthen traditional industries like forestry and mining, while supporting small business, tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, technology and innovation.

We’re supporting venture capital investment in B.C. start-ups, and encouraging the growth of B.C. tech companies.

We’re supporting small business, starting with lowering the small business tax rate from 2.5 per cent to 2 per cent.

We’re creating an Innovation Commission which will be both advocate and ambassador for B.C.’s tech sector.

And an Emerging Economy Task Force will encourage innovative and sustainable industries and drive economic growth.

To make sure the benefits of technology and innovation are felt around the province, we’ll work in partnership with rural and northern communities to make strategic investments that support innovation and job growth.

And we’ll keep fighting for a fair deal on softwood lumber that is good for B.C. forest workers, our softwood industry, and the communities that depend on it.

Creating good jobs for people doesn’t end there. We must invest in people and communities if we want those economic benefits to keep growing.

By investing in education, skills training and apprenticeships, we can build the current and future workforce businesses depend on.

New schools, hospitals, roads and homes for people will give communities the services they need to attract new jobs and investment.

Taking action on climate change – the greatest challenge of our generation – will create thousands of jobs through energy retrofits and public infrastructure.

And building strong communities will improve our quality of life and make B.C. an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Together, we will build a better B.C. where everyone benefits from our economy, resources and environment, and no one is left behind.