GLUTATHIONE – If it is so important – why haven’t I heard of it before?


Dr. Holly

Dr. Holly

If there are over 93,000 pub med peer review articles on glutathione, why haven’t you heard of it before? You cannot get glutathione from a food, a drink, or a supplement – so people cannot make money from glutathione – consequently, you haven’t heard of it before!!

Historically we started losing about 1-2% glutathione per year around the age of 20. Now we are losing between 8-12% and as young as 10. Why? Because our diets are toxic; our water is toxic; our air is toxic; our minds are toxic; and the pharmaceutical drugs are toxic. (Never mind entertainment drugs from alcohol to pot to cocaine to whatever). So let’s briefly look at each factor:
The more pesticides, herbicides, hormone injections, anti-biotic injections, pasteurization and processing our food goes through, the harder our livers have to work to detox our bodies. The highest concentration of glutathione is in the liver and it is the primary molecule involved in the different detox processes.
We all know there is a lot to be admired in our water supplies. (See the article: Is Water Good for YOU?) Legally the pH of water out of a tap only needs to be 5 and yet that is on the acidic end of the pH continuum. When water is acidic – it forms large molecules that carry toxins and poisons. In addition, it becomes too large to cross the cellular membrane of our cells. Our bodies have more work to do and put a heavy strain on the glutathione that chelates toxic metals from the blood and detoxifies molecules in the liver.
The air we breathe is not only toxic from local car pollution, manufacturing, and industrial toxins but also from whatever the trade winds bring in from other places. The glutathione in our lungs need to protect us from all of these toxins.
Why are our minds toxic? We live with a lot of stress in our Western civilizations. This stress, frustration, anxiety impacts on the adrenals that pump out corticosteroids that turn into free radicals requiring more anti-oxidants and in particular, glutathione.
Pharmaceutical drugs are molecules that have been isolated from an array of interactive molecules in plants; then synthesized; then patented. Now this isolated artificial, synthetic molecule is supposed to do the same as the natural dynamic of a multitude of molecules working together dynamically with DNA and intelligence. Doesn’t happen. Like anything else that man interferes with – it becomes toxic to the body and demands more glutathione.
So now you have a little better understanding of how much strain our lifestyles put on our naturally occurring need for glutathione. Yet, our food supply doesn’t provide us with the nutrients we need to make more glutathione. So we end up with a greater and greater depletion.
The problem is glutathione has to be made inside of the cell as it cannot be transported into the cells. So no one makes money on it – yet it is hugely important.
But we now have a composition patent that can increase your levels of glutathione about 292% within a two month period. It is a composition patent and provides all the needed ingredients in the right ratios and you can now purchase it.
Be responsible, do your research, find a good health practitioner.
Here’s to your health!

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