Feng Shui for Enhancing Marriage Luck – By Deepak Jayakar

Deepak Jayakar
Deepak Jayakar
Deepak Jayakar

Can romance and marriage be made sweeter with feng shui? Can feng shui jazz up your love life or rekindle the faded marriage? Can feng shui bring you the man or woman of your dreams? Now your excitement and expectations are going high. Let me describe the case of Laura, a resident of Vancouver.

Laura, a single mother, was successful and self-employed. Laura was living in Montreal when she was with her first husband. Laura picked up the pieces of her life after divorce and came down to Vancouver to start new career and raise her two children. For well over 4-5 years, her business career flourished and she achieved financial independence. The one thing she needed most in her life; however was a life partner who is considerate, caring and strong to share life with. In spite of many efforts Laura remained frustratingly single.

Her luxurious three bedroom apartment, though beautifully decorated was marred with bad feng shui. An elaborate en-suite bathroom was located right in the marriage sector of her apartment – Southwest. The Southwest also coincided with her personal relationship/marriage direction, so the effect had been magnified. The toilet was, thus, flushing her marriage chances day by day. To compensate the affliction of her Southwest corner and uplift the energy level of her washroom I advised her to hang a metal copper pagoda in her bathroom. Burning aroma candles in bathroom everyday and incorporating strong yang color like purple or bright maroon in form of accessories such as bath mat, linen, pictures, counter wares etc. was also recommended. However this was not enough to enhance her southwest and I further advised her to enhance the same sector in her bedroom as well as in living room. So a pair of mandarin ducks and sign of double happiness in Chinese calligraphy was placed in the bedroom. Laura was determined and has never been a half-hearted person, so by the time she had finished implementing all my suggestions, the southwester corner of her apartment started looking delightedly romantic. In addition to all this, she also displayed two red candles with crystal stands and bought Chinese love knots which she hung on the wall. She very cleverly added picture of red peony flowers on her bedroom door, which added the real punch to her marriage luck.

Three months after making these changes Laura met James (not real name) at a dinner party where she went wearing a pink quartz bracelet (advise by me) and six months later they got married. Those of you keen on adding some sparkle into your love life and enhancing your marriage luck can try exactly what Laura did.

We express our thanks to Laura for generously giving us consent to publish her life story and we wish her All the BEST for Happy Married Life!!!

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