Farm Frolics !


By Shirl Hollenberg
IMG_0611Not since surprise hit Babe has there been so much pent-up interest for an animal-driven movie. Boy, somebody got it right when they green lit Shaun The Sheep Movie. High marks go out to Elevation Pictures and all the technical and creative folk who forged a united front to pull off this whimsical spectacular. Catch this sure to be Oscar bound crowd-pleasing treat at those Cineplex Odeon theatres wise enough to book it.
Imagine smart Animals taking over the farm and then embarking in a whirlwind trip and you have the gist of the story. While we have seen this sort of fish out of the water plot before here the four legged creatures are delightfully drawn and written with flair and panache. Shot with no dialogue its fun To see the sheep band together and get into and out of loads of trouble when . They arrive in The city,
And that pet owner/animal “bond” shines through seamlessly in This wacky tale that is an absolute charmer. Many themes run through this storyline, like rural vs. city living and freedom versus captivity, above all else it’s the dialogue and spectacular clay animation that will win over your hearts.
Perfect for kids and adults of all ages Shaun The Sheep Movie is imaginative , creative fun that is must see entertainment

Shaun The Sheep Movie (G) *****