Diwali Gift from Air Canada to British Columbians – By Ray Hudson


Direct Vancouver to Delhi service starting from October 20

Kevin C. Howlett, Senior Vice President, Regional Markets and Government Relations, Air Canada.
Kevin C. Howlett, Senior Vice President, Regional Markets and Government Relations, Air Canada.

Vancouver: As the flight from Vancouver begins its descent into Dehli, the passengers aboard the Boeing 787-9 will have made the trip in a level of comfort not experienced previously, and they will arrive in just 14 hours 10 minutes. Trips from Vancouver before the new service would take anywhere from 20 to 27 hours, depending on the length of layover).

Kevin Howlett, the Senior Vice President, Regional Markets and Government Relations with Air Canada, said the Boeing 787-9 with its extended range has made it possible.

“We have been looking to open a destination to Delhi out of Vancouver for some time, and now is the right time,” said Howlett. “What has really made it possible is the acquisition of new Boeing 787 aircraft, which coupled with the market and the economics of that airplane makes it an opportunity which we can take advantage of.”

Howlett underscored the strong community of interest between British Columbia and India.“We think from a route performance point of view both from a business perspective and equally from a leisure perspective there is real opportunity there.”

“Air Canada’s new Vancouver-Delhi route reflects the increasing importance of our relationship with India,” said Premier Christy Clark. “The cultural ties between India and British Columbia reach back 100 years, and with increasing trade and investment links those ties are growing stronger every year.”

Photos courtesy: Air Canada

Estimates are that the new service will add 94 jobs to the B.C. economy, $5.4 million in Gross Domestic Product, $1.9 million in taxes and $3.4 million in wages to the province.

“We are thrilled that Air Canada is launching non-stop service between Delhi and Vancouver,” said Craig Richmond, President & CEO at YVR. “Our community has requested this route for many years and it will be a pleasure to celebrate its arrival during Diwali. I would like to thank our long-standing partner Air Canada for opening up this exciting new route and for supporting us in our vision to be a world-class, sustainable connecting hub between Asia and the Americas.”

“The Canada-India Business Council is thrilled to hear that Air Canada will be offering yet another direct service to India via Vancouver. These direct routes facilitate speedy travel for those considering and currently doing business in India,” commented Gary Comerford, President & CEO, Canada-India Business Council.
The 7887-b787_economy_1837_a9 Dreamliner:
“The 787 is a real change from a fleet perspective of Air Canada,” said Howlett. “This airplane enables us to operate non-stop with a very compelling set of economics and from a consumer point of view it allows us to offer three levels of service. Our Premium International Business Class, our Premium Economy Service, and our Economy Service. So it reaches across all three price offerings within the spectrum from a revenue perspective.”

He went on to point out that the cabin layout and environment, lighting, humidity it just makes long distance travel so much more enjoyable, and you will arrive in better shape.


Here’s the detail:
• Passengers will be offered a choice of 30 International Business Class lie-flat pod suites, 21 Premium Economy and 247 Economy Class seats in a large, spacious cabin with its broad, welcoming entryway, large windows and vaulted ceiling. The 787 cabin is wider than that of the airplanes it replaces, so passengers enjoy more personal space, both physically and visually.
• Large overhead bins ensure there’s enough space for carry-on near the seat
• Cabin pressure is set to a new maximum level of 6,000 feet; 2,000 feet lower than most other aircraft. Boeing reports that altitude chamber tests show the body absorbs 8% more oxygen into the blood at this altitude so passengers experience fewer headaches and less dizziness and fatigue. In aluminum airplanes, pressurizing a cabin at 6,000 feet would be weight-prohibitive and cause structural fatigue concerns. But the 787’s composite fuselage permits cabin pressurization at this lower altitude with almost no weight impact.
• Smoother Ride Technology, unique to the 787 Dreamliner family, provides a more comfortable flight. Smart sensors detect turbulence and adjust control surfaces, dampening movement and reducing motion sickness eightfold.
• The largest windows of any commercial jet, offering passengers seated anywhere in the airplane a commanding view of the horizon. Gone are the sliding blinds. Windowpremium_economy_b787_1as can be darkened electronically reducing the light while leaving the view.
• Fresh air; Thanks to the same technology used in hospital operating rooms, HEPA filters leave the air essentially particle free and are effective at removing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and a new gaseous filtration system, unique to the 787, removes common irritants that have a drying effect.
• A calmer cabin experience; Noise quality in the cabin is an important part of the effort to reduce unpleasant symptoms that are sometimes associated with air travel for passengers and crew. A holistic approach to cabin noise quality, implementing multiple solutions through the aircraft, addresses the causes of annoying noise and vibrations, offering passengers a calmer cabin experience.
• Quieter on the outside: The 787 is a better neighbour as well that sounds of 85 decibels (which is slightly louder than a busy street intersection) or higher, never leave airport boundaries. In fact, the noise footprint of the 787 is more than 60 percent smaller than the airplane it replaces.

So buckle up for that trip of a lifetime home or holiday, just in time for Diwali. Flights. The seasonal, three-times weekly flights will operate three-times-weekly October 20, 2016 to April 8, 2017, and will complement the carrier’s Toronto-Delhi nonstop service launched last fall. To promote the new route Air Canada is offering introductory fares from $999 round trip, all-in.

Messages from local MLAs and MPs for Diwali and Air Canada Direct Flight from Vancouver to Delhi

Michael de Jong
Michael de Jong

British Columbia Finance Minister Michael de Jong, MLA for Abbotsford West

“India is an economic powerhouse and the Province of BC is proud to be strengthening ties between our two regions. We’re excited that Air Canada has added direct flights between Vancouver and Delhi, and just in time for Diwali. On behalf of the Province, I extend best wishes to everyone celebrating Diwali – the Festival of Lights – and wish everyone all the best in the coming year.”




Peter Fassbender
Peter Fassbender

MLA Peter Fassbender Surrey-Fleetwood, Minister of Community, Sport & Cultural Development, Minister for Translink
“I am delighted to see this service being launched. It will meet a growing growth in our population and expanding relationship with India. Both visiting families and relatives as well business connections will benefit immensely! Congratulations to Air Canada on this positive move! I also offer my best wishes to everyone celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights, and I wish everyone health and prosperity in the coming year.”




Bruce Ralston
Bruce Ralston

Bruce Ralston, MLA Surrey-Whalley
“Diwali is a festival that has become part of Canadian culture. It’s really an important festival that everyone looks forward to, and I offer my best wishes on the occasion of Diwali.”

“The news that’s Air Canada is now going to be commencing direct flights between Vancouver and Delhi is great news for British Columbia and Canada. The fact of a direct flights avoiding connecting flights makes it much more convenient. I‘ve flown to India via the Emerates through Dubai, and connected to Delhi. It added on about half to three quarters of a day in travel time. This as a real benefit and I see business and tourism opportunities. I congratulate Air Canada on their choice and I encourage people to support that by patronizing that particular flight.”

Raj Chouhan
Raj Chouhan

Raj Chouhan MLA Burnaby Edmonds
“I’m really pleased to hear you are starting this new magazine called Aaarzu. On behalf of my constituents in Burnaby Edmonds, I wish your readers all the best of the wonderful Diwali that we will be celebrating soon, and wish everybody a very prosperous new year.”

“I was very happy when I heard about this new flight between Vancouver and New Delhi that launches this October. I met with the CEO of the Vancouver Airport Authority and when he announced it. I was of the view that it will help people from both British Columbia and India to travel faster. Many people have gone to Seattle to take the flight so starting that direct flight in Vancouver is a very good step forward toward a reciprocal agreement. Air Canada has taken that initiative and I hope the government’s of Canada and India complete that reciprocity.”

Harry Bains
Harry Bains

Harry Bains. MLA Surrey – Newton
Diwali is the most celebrated festivals for all Indians all over the world. This is a time of sharing, this is a time of joy, this is a time that we remember our ancestors. This is a time that we look to the future and what we can do together. It’s a reflection of the prosperity of the community. So for all those good things, from myself and my family, I’d like to wish every person happy Diwali, enjoy the festival and be safe.

“I think it’s a great initiative by the airline. I think that many of the South Asian folks who travel to India are elders. Many are retired or semi-retired and travel back to their villages in the winter-time. Many of them have language issues. So if they can board a plane here and land in New Delhi without the inconvenience of changing planes and layovers, this is great news for them. I say thank you to Air Canada, thank you to both YVR and the New Delhi airport authorities, for helping to make it happen.”

Sue Hammell
Sue Hammell

Sue Hammell, MLA Surrey Green Timbers
Diwali is a universal celebration engaging in the conflict of dark over light, goodness over evil, and how you challenge yourself to take the path that leads to the light over the path to despair, anger and darkness. The concept is universal.  It’s found in all cultures, that one is in conflict with these two elements that are inside all of us. I’ve always enjoyed celebrating Diwali, bringing in light with the candles and lights and all the colours. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate with friends.

“I’ve only been to India once and I remember a long, long, long trip. In Surrey in particular, we have this vibrant south Asian Community that is very connected to their roots. So to be able to travel back and forth in 14 hours versus 20 to 27 hours, is fabulous. It’s great news for Canada and India.”


Ken Hardie
Ken Hardie

Ken Hardie MP Fleetwood Port Kells

“I’d like to wish everyone a happy Diwali and enjoy the prosperity that Canada has to offer, contribute to it, it makes for a stronger community.”





Jati Sidhu
Jati Sidhu

Jati Sidhu MP Mission Matsqui Fraser Canyon

“I wish you all the best and happiness in the world on this happy Diwali 2016.”





Randeep Sarai
Randeep Sarai

Randeep Sarai MP Surrey Centre

“Happy Diwali to everyone. It’s the Festival of Lights for Hindus and Sikhs, and for thousands and thousands of Canadians it’s a very important and fun day. It’s a day everybody celebrates and I wish all the residents of Surrey Centre and across the Lower Mainland a happy Diwali.”




Sukh Dhaliwal
Sukh Dhaliwal

Sukh Dhaliwal MP for Surrey Newton

“From me and my family all my constituents of Surrey Newton, I wish the people who celebrate a very happy Diwali. It’s the festival lights and I wish that every person, every family is lightened in the coming years with good health and prosperity.”