Discover new productivity enhancing Android Orio features

Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken

With every passing day business users are looking for ways to make remote work more efficient and in the process, have become more dependent on their mobile devices. With a better understanding of what Android Oreo is capable of, users can better manage their devices, improve workflow, and save their company some time.


More applications mean more notifications to manage. Fortunately, there are a handful of ways you can adjust your notifications other than simply turning them on or off.

  • Snooze Notifications – Getting notifications from all your apps is distracting and reduces productivity. You can prevent them from appearing in the Notifications shade for a specified amount of time by swiping an alert in a left-to-right motion and choosing how long to snooze them.
  • Notification Dots – Important notifications within the Notification shade can get lost amid non-essential ones. There is a hidden feature that lets you view notifications and actions from only high-priority apps, such as a productivity platform or a messaging tool. Just press and hold an app icon and the notifications for that app will appear.
  • Notification Channels – This feature gives you even greater control over managing your device’s notifications by letting you categorize them according to the level of priority, update status, and more. Simply swipe a notification alert from left to right, then tap ‘All Categories’ under the gear icon to adjust notification categories.

 Wi-Fi Settings

  • Automatically turn on Wi-Fi – Every time you’re near a ‘high-quality saved network,’ your Wi-Fi will turn on automatically and connect to that network, saving you a few taps. To activate this setting, toggle ‘Turn on Wi-Fi Automatically’ under your device’s Wi-Fi settings, and make sure the device is not in battery saver mode and that its location service is on.
  • Wi-Fi Assistant and the Google Built VPN – Oreo’s enhanced Wi-Fi Assistant lets users automatically connect to open Wi-Fi networks with a secured VPN connection from Google. This means you can connect to that coffee shop WiFi without worrying about how unsecure it is.

 Data Autofill

The Autofill function analyzes your personal data, saved passwords, and other information based on the content on your screen and your general usage. What’s more, it can be used even for non-Google apps. You can activate it under Settings > System > Languages & input > Advanced > Autofill service.

 Your Take Away

Many businesses rely on mobile devices not just for company communications but also for productivity, and these are just some of the tips that help maximize your devices’ usefulness.

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