Dead Zone!


By Shirl Hollenberg

Final Girl HollywoodThe great outdoors are ground zero for a group of depraved losers in Final Girl. Warm up to this horrific thriller from Touchstone Pictures heading your way on video on demand. So if you like your entertainment raw phone your local cable company or download on your tv screen menu. You can find it on Shaw, Bell, Rogers, Sony and X Box.
Just for kicks a group of four power-crazed over-indulgent grown men take to the forest for hunting. Unlike most sane people the type of game this group likes to chase after are not animals – but humans. Women are the prized catch and no one seems to care about the loss of life.
Out to bag the hunters in an elaborate game of deceit and deception is Veronica. Stylish Abigail Breslin graduates (?) from Little Miss Sunshine, lets her hair down and takes her Tomboy attitude to a whole new level when she falls prey to the crazy lustful desires of these modern day warriors. Aided by mentor Wes Bentley when the group journey into the woods things go from bad to worse in a hurry. Beware of the new strange surroundings as a trap is set and all the participants in this sick game of hide and seek and search and destroy have a fatalistic day of reckoning,
Given that creepy atmosphere that serves the right amount of chills Final Girl does have a few instances of predictability, Still director Tyler Shields has a sure way to make viewers squirm and uncomfortable which is the perfect tonic for this sort of bone-chilling murderous rampage.
Final Girl (PG) ***