Bring on the Bhangara – By Whitney Sharp


KPU-BHANGRA INSTRUCTORSurrey: There are new courses at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) that are sure to help you get in the groove. The university’s Department of Culture and Modern Languages has recently added bhangara to its already diverse and multicultural course offerings.

Students interested in studying bhangara will learn how to do more than bust a move, however. In addition to learning and performing traditional choreography, the studio-based courses will also explore Punjabi culture through modern and traditional folk dancing and music, and the history and folklore associated with bhangara. Students will also discover bhangara trends, variations, lyrical dance, and create their own sequence as well as a large group performance with the rest of the class.

The bachelor of arts minor in language and culture at KPU was launched in 2015. Unique to the KPU program, students have the ability to specialize in not one, but two separate languages while exploring other topics. Students can take courses in French, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, and Punjabi, in addition to studying linguistics and intercultural competencies.

Students at the university are also able to take their education beyond borders with opportunities to participate in exchanges, field schools, and study abroad opportunities. Currently, KPU has partnerships with numerous other post-secondary institutions around the globe, and provides options to study on six continents.

Language and culture courses are available at both KPU’s Surrey and Richmond campuses. For more information about the university and all programs please visit