Be Safe during this Holiday Season


Crimestoppers..As the holiday season arrives and the year comes to an end, we all wish to relax, spend quality time with family and celebrate the passing year along with plan for the next year. In our very tight knit community, we tend to know our neighbours, what happens in our neighborhoods and what happens within our extended families. However, as we approach the holiday season we all need to be a little more careful and vigilant regarding our surroundings.
Robberies, break and enters and crimes such as thefts seem to increase during the holidays, therefore, we need to be even more aware of our surroundings and what options are available to us to including reporting activities that we think are suspicious. One option would be to contact 911 and report it to the police. However, many people are too afraid to report these incidents due to fear of retaliation. That is where Crime Stoppers plays a major role. Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers (Crime Stoppers) is a non-profit and registered charity that is devoted to making the community safe. It provides the public with an opportunity to anonymously report criminal activity and acts as the middle relationship between the police and media. Crime Stoppers ensure anonymity while at the same time passing information forward to combat the ever present crime problem. Many times, people do not want to get involved with the police out of fear of reprisal or of revealing their identity and exposing themselves or their families to acts of retaliation. Crime Stoppers mandate is maintaining the tipster’s anonymity where the tipsters never have to reveal their name, and they never have to testify in court. Furthermore, if the information provided by the tipster would lead to charges or an arrest the tipster would be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2000.00. If you witness a suspicious activity during the holidays and are afraid of going to the police, you can anonymously report it. You can leave a tip by calling 1800-222-8477, report a crime online by going to, texting 274637 (type BCTIPS before) or even by using the app Tip Submit ( Crime Stoppers strives on the mandate that all their tipsters stay anonymous, and this is backed by the Supreme Court of Canada- thus no one can intimidate the organization to divulge tipster information.
With the holidays around the corner, unfortunately, it is also a time to be on high alert and take precautions as there are many strangers in the neighborhoods, some might be attending events, some just looking for an opportunity to make our community unsafe. As a community we can either complain about what is happening around us, or take a stand and work towards a change. So remember to be safe during the holidays and do what is right. If you wish to make a change regarding your surroundings, that change starts with you! Remember if you call Crime Stoppers, you remain anonymous, criminals don’t.