BC NDP Conjuring Up Metro Sales Tax: Horgan Says One Thing, Does Another

Jas Johal
Jas Johal
Jas Johal

Vancouver: Say Anything John Horgan is at it again. After promising to magically make tolls vanish, it is now clear the BC NDP will open up families to a sales tax grab instead.
“The BC NDP have been caught misleading Metro Vancouver drivers, quietly doing two things that will lead to the return of the failed sales tax scheme,” said Today’s BC Liberal candidate Jas Johal. “First they released a platform that ruled out allowing Metro Vancouver voters any way to prevent the imposition of a sales tax, and second, when asked what measures were on the table to fund transportation, the party spokesperson said that ‘everything is on the table.’”
In 2015, 62 percent of Metro Vancouver voters overwhelmingly rejected a regional sales tax increase for TransLink. The only rationale for Horgan to remove the ability for Metro Vancouver residents to block a sales tax is if he’s planning to hit them with one.
“At a time that British Columbians need someone on their side, Horgan shows he’s not on your side,” said Jas Johal. “The no jobs, more taxes scheme unveiled by the BC NDP is rife with uncosted promises and now we see – reading between the lines – the BC NDP shell game means the sales tax is back on the table so he can take more money of your pocket.”
Only Today’s BC Liberals have a plan to keep British Columbia strong and secure a bright future by creating jobs, controlling spending, and cutting taxes for the middle class which allows us to cap tolls and provide drivers with savings of up to $1,100 a year.