Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken


Kamilla Singh
IMG_7082Surrey: As soon as you enter Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken you are enveloped by the cool vibe of Barcelos Flame Grill, you know right away that you are in for a special experience. The stellar display of wines catches the eye which aren’t dressed up to be anything else, they are unapologetically part of the décor here, this makes sense as when your food is grilled or being prepared you can start off your dinner party with a bottle of wine from the state-of-the-art wine display.

bacelos bacelos6 barcelos3 photo 1The menu is also posted on the board, so you don’t have to look through pages to find out what to order, concept is very simple, you walk in, look at the menu and order and your job is done, if wine is not for you then they have pop machine you can fill up your pop of your choice and find a seat and relax, you can still score a table here with no advance dinning reservation.

While modern there is still a retro feel here, in fact the dinning area reminds me of high end eatery. I noticed mixed seating, comfortable tables and chairs, share space and booths that are situated in the main dining area, hence if you are coming with few friends for intimate dining experience you can also have your privacy. There is a big screen TV with beautiful hand crafted panting on the walls. The place looks like one of its kind very stunning and welcoming.

“Everything we have on our menu is grilled which after years of research we find that people don’t mind going out and eating out, but they like to eat healthy so all our food is grilled, only thing that you will get here which is not grilled is fries, our food is very fresh and when a customer orders something, we make sure we cook it right in front of their eyes, our kitchen is open so people can see the cleanliness and our production work” said the manager.

“We like the people to come relax and leave the food preparation on us, we will deliver what they have ordered and make it as homely as possible, so that they will return and bring their friends and family next time. This is the only location we have right now but we are planning to expand in future” he said.

I had grilled chicken skewers, yam fries and Cesar salad with Peri-Peri sauce. It was grilled to perfection and well-seasoned.

Located at Westside Square, corner of 88 and 124th Street in Surrey, address is unit 113-12499-88th Avenue Surrey, give them a call at 778-565-9099 or visit their website at or email them at info

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