B.C. judge dismisses sexual abuse lawsuit against former Olympics CEO


The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER: A B.C. Supreme Court judge has dismissed a third sexual abuse lawsuit against former Olympics CEO John Furlong.

The decision ends a series of civil actions brought against Furlong related to his time as a teacher at a Roman Catholic school in northern B.C.

Judge Elliott Myers also awarded special costs to Furlong, calling the behaviour of the plaintiff egregious, reprehensible and deserving of a rebuke.

The man, who had planned to represent himself, failed to appear as the trial began on Monday after hanging up on a judge during a pre-conference on Friday.

Last month, another judge threw out a separate sexual abuse claim by B.C. resident Grace West, while Beverly Abraham dropped her lawsuit in December.

Furlong has vehemently denied all allegations, which surfaced in 2012 after a Vancouver-based weekly newspaper published an article outlining verbal and physical abuse.


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