Are YOU a Free Spirit? – By Mike George


By Mike George

awakeningwhiteonblackMost of us believe we are free.  Free to go anywhere, do almost anything, say whatever comes to mind, eat almost anything we desire.  We prize our freedom, especially when we perceive it’s being threatened.  Yes of course travel and visa restrictions, food availability and job variety may hinder a little or a lot.  But generally, in most cultures, we seem to believe we are free beings.

Or are we?  This is only one dimension of freedom. It’s a freedom found as we move about the material world around us.  But are we free in the primary reality of the world within us?   It seems most of us aren’t and we are not aware that we are …not!  The signs show up in our feelings.  Whenever we feel tense, irritated, melancholic or indeed unhappy in any way, these are some of the many signals that we are trapped, slaves within our own consciousness.    It means we have not yet realised the deepest meaning of freedom.   We have some inner work to do.

Making Movies

One of the most popular illusions that keeps us trapped is the idea that our ‘feelings’ only come from outside i.e. from the world around us.  So when someone starts talking about feelings we tend to associate ‘feeling’ with some physical stimulation. Through one or other of our senses other people and the world are constantly ‘stimulating’ our physical feelings. So our feelings tend to be narrowly perceived as something limited to the physical.

Yet our feelings start before that, way inside in our own minds, at a subtler level. For example, imagine you are sitting quietly in a chair.  Someone enters the room and shares the news that you have just won a million in the lottery. You would likely take that information and start to create feelings of excitement. You become the writer, director and actor in a movie called Me Spending My Millions. You create an imaginary story and run it like a movie across the screen of your mind.  As a result, you would probably say that you ‘feel’ fantastic. The news doesn’t make you feel that, you do.  Your mini mental movie does!

The feeling is originating entirely in your mind. Someone who already has a billion would probably create an entirely different story. Perhaps starting with a yawn! A million to them is almost nothing.

Now imagine you are back in the chair and that person brings news not of a lottery win but that one of your parents has just died. Once again you write the script of a movie called ME Without MY Mum. You see yourself without your parent and there is a deep feeling of sadness.  Once again, it’s a feeling originating in your mind.   It’s not the information that ‘makes’ you feel. It’s the mental movie you create as a result of receiving the information.

In either scenario the feelings of sadness or excitement will last for as long as you create and run such stories in your mind as a) life with tons of money, or b) life without a parent.

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