Aloha Mind Math Canada held their 2nd National Competition at Bombay Banquet Hall


ALOHA MR sandhu daughters picsSurrey: Aloha Mind Math Canada (Advanced Learning Of Higher Arithmetic) held their 2nd National Competition this Sunday, May 24th,, 2015 at the Bombay Banquet Hall in Surrey. There were 130 children, between the ages of five and thirteen, who participated in the math competition. The participants try to solve as many of seventy questions as possible in five minutes using mind math or the abacus!

The event opened its doors to the public after the competition, with Chief Guest MP Jinny Simms in attendance. MP Simms gave a speech of encouragement to the children, which highlighted the benefit of the mind math program and handed awards to this year’s champions. Although Minister of Education, Honorable Peter Fassbender, was unable to attend the event, he sent his greetings to the Aloha Mind Math children and promised hand signed certificates to this years winners.

Explaining the difference between Aloha and other math tutoring programs, children of various ages and various levels were brought on stage to perform a live demonstration of the math skills attained through the program. Children as young as 5 years old, who had only been attending the Mind Math Program for as little as three months, performed math mentally and answered questions quicker than a calculator; showing some of the life-long benefits of the Aloha brain development program, where the child learns to be independent, organized and self-reliant.

The program not only enhances a child’s math skills, it positively impacts the child in all areas, in all subjects, even in extra curricular sports activities. This is because the Aloha method allows complete brain development, exercising both the left and right sides of the brain. Aloha students therefore benefit from greater concentration, attention, creativity, listening, observational skills, memory, spatial orientation, self-confidence, and critical thinking; all of which are essential for successful academic performance.

Created in 1993 by Mr Loh in Malaysia and today having a presence in over 33 countries across all 6 continents, Aloha today has over 4 million students who have completed the short, three-year program. To find out more about the program please visit