Today: Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 7:03 am (PST)

  • SEO

    Are your customers finding you on the web?

    Yes, it’s Necessary! With an effective SEO strategy, a business gains potential customers. Google’s search engine processes 100 billion queries per month (about 3.3 billion per day! Or 40,000 every ...

  • Windows 10

    Addressing Window 10’s user complaints

    While the overall reception to Window 10 has been mostly positive, it’s been flooded with numerous complaints from users claiming that they were “tricked” into upgrading Windows 7 and uncontrollable ...

  • e-commerce-and-ai

    E-commerce and AI: what you need to know

    To contend in today’s globally competitive market organizations must be lean, efficient, and tactical in their approach to business.  Tactics are the means of strategic planning, and artificial intelligence (more ...

  • chromocast-and-google

    Chromecast and Google now best of friends

    Google’s popular Chromecast Wi-Fi dongle has been around for a few years now and may be just thing you are looking for if you want to show Internet content on ...

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